Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Raising Bean Poles in Corn Country

Hurry out of bed this morning to get the granddaughter to the new doctor at 8:15.

Daughter allowed me to accompany them to the doctor for a physical for preschool. I picked the doctor from daughter's insurance list because I'd either seen her on TV in a segment or heard on radio. I really cannot remember which but I liked what she was saying (and NO i can't remember what she was talking about) and I remembered her name.

She did a nice physical, taking time to engage the granddaughter. She did a complete history and asked good questions.

She was due for a Hepatitis shot and they drew blood for a hematocrit and testing for lead. The granddaughter was very unhappy with both of these stick even with the snoopy bandaid.

She will be checked for lazy eye due to my history and grandpa's report of seeing it wander.

She registered in the 97th percentile for height and 22 percentile for weight. BUT she had gained a pound.

All in all it was good.