Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How Did This Happen

How did two youngish boomers, end up with a house full again?

Our youngest has been gone some five years and eldest longer than that. All three families lived far enough apart to discourage surprise visits but close enough for holidays. It was grand!

Pa-boomer and Ma-boomer could walk around the house jaybird nekkid if they chose to (and they did!) They could drink out of the milk carton. (Here's hoping Pa-boomer never really did that.) Doors weren't shut and locked for the daily constitutional. Ice cream could be a main course for dinner if you added nuts and chocolate.

All the fun ended one bright summer day with a phone call.

"Well, hello there youngest child of mine."

"Good news!"

There was a niggling somewhere deep in my brain.

"I got a job where you live, with a huge raise and a big promotion".

"Well, isn't that nice."

"I start in two weeks, Ma-boomer."

Imagine the shadow of the other shoe as it free-falls through space. My brain raced through these thoughts and more in rapid succession--they own a house---it can't sell in two weeks---son-in-law will have to find a job---he can't do that in two weeks---the toddlerish grandchild adored by her boomer
grandparents will need childcare---they'll be in the same town---how can they find somewhere to live in two weeks.

I shouldn't have worried about these things because the daughter had thought this out and had a plan.

"I was thinking, Ma-boomer." This is always dangerous.

"The granddaughter and I will move in with you while Son-in-law gets the house ready to sell. You can watch the grandchild while I work because I know you love her so much. Then son-in-law can find a job and we can live with you while the house sells and we pay off some bills."

Now, it's a protein with at least two vegetables every night. Locked bathroom doors. More glasses being washed since we, I mean he, can't drink out of the carton. Robes, holes and all, that haven't been used for a while are hunted up and utilized.
Now it's enthusiastic hugs first thing in the morning and splashy baths at night followed by naked streaking though the house with loud proclamations of "I'm NAKKEY!!!". It's Shrek popcorn parties and science walks to pick up new rocks and leaves. New books to be read, songs to be sung and nursery rhymes to be recited.

In a few months we will be back to drinking out of the milk carton and ice cream dinners. How boring that seems now.