Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hair cuts

The same woman has been cutting my hair since I moved to Champaign 4 or 5 or 6 years ago. Who can remember?

She's not a swanky address but she has quite a following.

With months and one time a year in between visits she remembers my name, details about my family and while not being intrusive always asks how certain situations are going.

As you might have seen from previous photos of the grandchild, she has stringy, no body, fly away hair. The longer it got the worse it got to manage. She will NOT leave ponytails up or barettes in.

I've wanted it cut shorter for SOME TIME. Well, it happened.

Daughter, granddaughter and I were out shopping on Saturday and decided to get granddaughter's hair trimmed. Daughter pulls into a strip mall where there is a hair cuttin' place.

I wince.

"Don't you want to go to the woman who cuts my hair? Granddaughter has had her hair cut there and knows here."

"This will be fine. It's just a trim"

We go in.

They take her back.

They man butchering her hair tells me I'm nosey.

It's a mess and not what daughter asked for.

We get in the car and drive to the lady who does my hair.

We end up with her hair the way I've wanted it all along.

Color me happy!!