Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bone weary

I am getting ready to fall into bed.

I am bone weary. Why? The day is still 24 hours not 30. I'm still the same age I was 2 weeks ago. I've gotten over my illness.


It sucks.

The little one was asleep by 8:30 tonight. Good for her and me.

Daughter is spending the night at the hospital tonight. Some friends drive the 2 hours over to see her husband. He was thrilled as he is so bored. Another friend who lives here stopped by twice to see him.

I took the granddaughter up this afternoon to see her dad. We stayed about a half hour. At one point I left the room for 3 minutes--not 10 minutes not 7 minutes---3. Evidently immediately upon my exit from the room, she announced she had to "pee". She goes in the bathroom, takes her shoes, socks, pants and diaper off and comes streaking out of the bathroom asking her dad to help her.

Fortunately I arrived at this point. KIDS!!!