Tuesday, December 04, 2007

As the World Churns

I feel like I've been whining and bitching a lot lately. My apologies to my blog readers.

And yet...

I have one more whine.

My son-in-law has had lower abdominal pain for the last 4 to 5 days. He had this about a year ago and they diagnosed a prostate infection and gave him antibiotics.

Well it's back.

He went to the doctor yesterday. Well, actually NP. She was very thorough and he was very happy with her. I'd been to her before and just adore her.

Anyway, she brought the doctor in who brought another doctor in, all with worried looks on their faces.

They called and got a CT scheduled for today with some other lab work and the NP and the doctors are seeing him again this afternoon?

He has no clue what they thought it might be and he didn't ask.

Hubby called me about 9 this morning and said, "I've got the afternoon off and I'm going to the doctor's appointment with them." This is so not hubby's way of doing things. He never interferes or butts his nose in. This tells me he is really worried. When I called and told them he was coming they were both relieved. He'll be able to ask good questions and remember what is said.

I am doing what I always do... babysitting!