Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday I thought the little one was on the mend.

Alas and alack. She woke up way early this morning with 100.5 temp. I gave her some juice, some Motrin, and she went back to sleep. She has not gotten up yet.

I took her temp about 10 minutes ago and it was 101.9. I just took it and it was normal????/

She tends to cough when she is lying down which leads me to believe she has post-nasal drip. However, she does not really have a runny nose.

Yesterday, she seemed to feel fine all day.

I advised her mother this morning to not go over the river and through the woods to Dad's grandmother's house tomorrow. She needs quiet, fluids and TLC. Plus at the grandmother's there are a ton of kids which will just keep her riled up.

It's advice..not an order.