Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Over or Under

No, my 24-year-old daughter did not holler at me from the shower and ask me to go outside in 24 degrees and get shampoo and conditioner out of her car.

Well, yes she did. I told her she could use my yucky Suave Ocean Breeze shampoo and my lovely Suave Smoothie Berry Conditioner this one morning because I was not getting dressed to go out and get hers out of her car.

Other mornings she has bellowed for me to get a towel because she has forgotten to get one,get her bodywash that is sitting on the counter or get toilet paper.

I would think the person who takes the last square from the roll would say "Hmmmm, I probably should walk five steps and get out another roll of toilet paper before someone is in dire need and maybe no one is home to go get it for them".

When I brought her my shampoo and conditioner, I asked her old she was.

C'mon they have their own bathroom and I don't even care if they put the toilet roll over or under. (In case you are interested, we use Scott toilet paper.)