Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jotting down some notes

My ebay seller has sent my coat out. I guess we'll give each other fabulous reviews.

It's cold outside.

Yesterday I saw a wren looking my birdfeeders over. Daughter stopped and got some sunflower hearts and peanuts on the recommendation of the store clerk. Haven't seen a wren since.

The squirrels, however, ARE enjoying the baking pumpkin I put out for them. When they are gone the cardinals feed on what they dropped.

I'm grumpy and I know why but don't know exactly what to do about it. I crochet alot so I don't have to think.

President Bush is an ass... and a jerk... and stupid. (I just needed to type that).

Daughter's Thanksgiving work schedule got changed. She was supposed to work but now isn't. I guess that means she can go to her inlaws for turkeyday. The reason she wasn't upset about working on Thanksgiving was because she wouldn't have to make that trip.

Granddaughter is taking a nap. YEAH!!!

I've been watching a lot of FoodNetwork looking for holiday ideas.