Saturday, November 17, 2007

I live in a dangerous neighborhood

When we bought this condo some five years ago, we were confident that we were moving to a place that we would feel safe.

In the last 24 hours that notion has come crashing down around my head. I no longer feel like it is safe to step out on my deck. Thugs everywhere, even my deck. What has this world come to?

Let me relive the story for you.

Last night as I watched television I noticed the motion-activated light kept flicking on the deck. I thought nothing of it. Sometimes the wind will do that.

As is my habit, before retiring for the night, I went to let the dog out back. Thank goodness I have quick reflexes as I was able to grab the dog's tail just before she found herself face to face with the most vicious set of teeth I'd ever seen.

Hissing and snarling and acting like it paid the mortgage payment on this piece of property was a possum.

I stamped at it but it continued staring me down while hissing. Poor dog, who was already crossing her legs holding it.

We went out the front door, needless-to-say.

Well, if that didn't give me plenty of nightmares, what came next certainly will.

In my beautifully aging robe, I stepped out on the deck to dispense some seed and nuts to my furry and feathery friends...wrens, bluejays, sparrows, cardinals, and squirrels.

Just as I stepped out, out of the corner of my eye I saw something that seemed to be moving at the speed of a well, a speeding bullet headed straight at me. It turned just as it lightly brushed my cheek. It was a Accipiter cooperii.

I know my heart stopped as it sped away. That thug was after my friends, not me but it wouldn't have mattered if it had hit me head on, he and I would likely have ended up in the morgue or the emergency room. The disregard for my (and my friends) safety is just too much to take.

All of this is result of "No good deed, goes unpunished!" <----my hubby's favorite saying.

Just last week, I began feeding birds again. I haven't fed them for a couple of years. So, now, because of my generosity, I feel trapped in my house, destined to stare out the window forever looking for flying and creeping thugs.