Friday, November 09, 2007

Greetings and this and that

End of the week and I have to report that I have managed to provide my sidebar with a new poem every day this month. I've found new poems to fall in love with and old poems I had forgotten about. It's a small discipline but so far, so good.

Just got through watching the Grey's Anatomy episode from last night. Izzy is driving me crazy!
While watching I was getting a new hairdo and a makeup makeover from granddaughter. She also provided me with a coke that came in a play ketchup bottle.

Daughter, SIL and Granddaughter are going out of town this weekend. I will miss them a little. I have no idea what we might do with the weekend.

Because money is a little tight, I did something I've never done before---in preparation for a trip to the grocery store, I made up menus for 2 weeks, listed ingredients and checked the fridge and pantry for items we already had. I am loaded for bear with my grocery list that should be accurate. I was a little shocked at how much I had in the pantry.

Mutations notes that Central Illinois Life will be in hiatus until next spring. We wish Henny and family well.

I've been reading with sadness, Sulking In Illinois. I know how she feels, believe me. I can't believe the comments that people leave. Moving is hard. Adjusting is difficult.

For you Champaign people... do you have experience with any of these doctors? My daughter just got her health insurance and we need to find the little one a pediatrician? Here's their list to choose from:

Basilios, Fathy Z., MD
Bhardwaj, Anita, MD
Basilios, Fathy Z., MD
Bhardwaj, Anita, MD
Bolton, Susan G., MD
Gilpin, Nanette S., MD
Kummer, Rex E., MD
Maranon, M. Louisa B., MD
Palazzolo, Michael J., MD
Yoe, Norbert H., MD
Experiences, good? bad?

If I don't see you again have a nice weekend.