Monday, November 19, 2007

Barking like a seal

The Grandchild is under-the-weather.

She's had a very minor cold for about a week. The last three nights she has been coughing like a seal clamoring for a fish. We prop her up, crank up the cool air vaporizer or humidifier or whatever they call it and she does a little better.

Last night she crawled into bed with her mom and dad and said she didn't feel good. They took her temperature and it was close to 101. Mom changed her into a lighter pair of jammies and got her some weak tea.

I managed to sleep through but I went to check on her about four and she wasn't in her bed. I found her with mom and dad, so she and I went downstairs and had some juice and went back to sleep.

Her temp this morning is right under 100. She is snuggled up on the couch watching her favorite kiddie shows.

Last night before she went to bed, I knew she was going to be ill. It's the eyes. I always knew before they actually had symptoms that they would be coming down with something. The eyes will tell ya every time.

I'm sure Grandpooh is planning Matzoh Ball Soup for dinner, already!