Thursday, October 11, 2007

This n That and Some More

Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize for literature and is the oldest to ever do so.

Maybe I should write my great novel some time.

Evidently several of the leading cold medicine manufacturers for infants are recalling their product. Sounds great on the surface. Those big old softy OTC cold medicine giants, love our kids. Bullshit.

My prediction: They are going to come back with MORE expensive single dose containers for everything from Benadryl to Tylenol. (God, I've gotten so cynical)

There are times that an infant NEEDS something to relieve the symptoms of a cold. Yes, I understand that children have been accidently overdosed with the stuff. Make the directions BIGGER and CLEARER-don't remove everything from the market.

Ann Coulter, who I personally think everyone should just ignore, said on The Big Idea that "Jews need to become perfected by becoming Christians". She's like the energizer bunny she keeps on spewing and spewing and spewing.

No one is as righteous as the U.S. huh? Turkey has recalled its ambassador to the United States in response to a House resolution that would call the World War I massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces genocide, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Not saying it wasn't justified but aren't we a little late on this one?