Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things changing and staying the same

Son-in-law is moved in, along with his giant television and game-playing systems.

He started his new job yesterday. Although he left in plenty of time, he was late for his first day. Daughter had told him to take this Interstate, to this Interstate to this Interstate. He missed the turn onto the 3rd interstate and had to drive a ways to turn around. He then got off two exits too early and had to get back on. He did make it though and seems to think it will work out.

We had a leisurely dinner last night of the cheapest meal imaginable (recipe will follow). We haven't eaten at the table together for years and years and in fact even when the kids were little we didn't do it much. It is nice to sit around and visit and enjoy each other's company.

Hubs left on a business trip to Arizona this morning and will be back late Thursday. He is either flying to Phoenix and driving to Tucson or the other way around. He had a tough time leaving the granddaughter this morning.

Granddaughter put a pullup on her head this morning and declared herself a doctor. She's so stinking cute.

Granddaughter and I did the library thing today. She did not really want to do the activities today, seeming to want to watch other people instead.

We also got the oil in her mother's van changed because hubs said the tires were really low. Jiffy Lube lived up to its name and got is in and out in a jiffy. As always they had to show me the air filter but S-I-L can get that cheaper than they can put it in. So she's good to go for another 3000 miles or 3 months whatever comes first.

I cannot imagine the stress my Son-in-law must be under. Leaving the only town he's ever lived in, new job and living with his INLAWS.