Monday, October 08, 2007

Does Global Warming Mean I Can't Sleep Naked?

I woke up (the second time) this morning to tree guys, in a cherry bucket, cutting limbs off the tree right outside my window. Wow am I glad we close those blinds.

First gripe: I wish the condo association would get the concept of communication. I had no idea this was going to happen. It is rather frightening to wake up to the sound of a chainsaw, especially after being awakened by Chuckie* in the middle o' the night.

They are always doing surprise things around the doors and windows of my condo. I walked through the dining room one morning with my flimsiest nighty on and they had some guy inspecting our decks. He thought it was funny, I did not. I really DON'T expect people to be close enough to my condo to see me half naked without notifying me first.

Second gripe:

They hacked my tree. My nice, full tree now is really skinny and I don't like it. They almost cut down the limb with the squirrel nest in it before I hollered at them to stop. I like seeing the little fella scamper around the tree.

Also, the way they cut it, took some of my shade away. That window has a western exposure and it gets hot enough with the full shade.

* I was up working on some pictures at 1 a.m. this morning. I had just gone through the house a few minutes before and turned off ALL the lights. Out of the dark I hear the voice of Chuckie coming out of the darkness. I totally had chills run up my spine before I realized it was the granddaughter.

She said a mouse was trying to eat her. We have a cat and no mice so I assume she had a dream. She didn't want to go back to her bed and I didn't want to wake up hubby or her parents, so we went downstairs and watched Poker. She was instantaneously bored and promptly fell asleep on the loveseat where she slept all night. I slept on the comfy couch until I got up and went back to bed where was was awakened by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre outside my bedroom window.