Monday, October 22, 2007

Car Shopping

Son-in-law was unable to bring his land yacht large car here for two reasons---no one thought it would make the trip and its too large to park anywhere in this condo association.

Car shopping was a big part of the weekend's activity. Daughter and S-I-L went to a neighboring town to look at program cars (Ford Taurus) and looked in town.

They came home with an Audi to try for the weekend. It was 2001 Audi A6 with 64673 miles on it which cost in the neighborhood of 12000-13000.

I guess I wasn't very nice about it. What started out as a hunt for a 5 or 6 thousand dollar 2nd car has now turned into finding bling. Talk of moonroofs* and heated seats took over common sense.

S-I-L got mad at me and told Daughter I want him to have a crappy car. That's not true but I'd like him to have a car that is economically feasible. Yes, they both got raises but neither one of them is paying for health insurance yet and you really have to factor in the cost of auto insurance with that, don't you?

Plus I talked to my sister who had an Audi, last car back and she used to get to visit it in the shop. She could afford the auto work and the rental cars while it was being worked on. I doubt they can.

We went window shopping yesterday with them. I should have stayed home--between S-I-L's sour disposition because I wasn't as gleeful as he thought I should be and husband's "OH, I see you had an agenda for me coming along today"** I was getting quite pissed. Yes, I said pissed. We will pay off our Sable next month and I have no desire to have a new car payment.

So, for the rest of this car shopping adventure, I shall volunteer to babysit and paste a damn smile on my face and say that's nice when someone shows me something and never offer a "oh I like that one" in case it should be misunderstood as an agenda.

*Moonroof=another place for a leak and another motor to break
**Hubby said he was kidding.