Thursday, October 25, 2007


We've been in need of a dresser for the grandkid. Her previous dresser was huge and was going to have to make the trip in a truck. Hubby and I had been looking for something cheap.

We found this one unexpectedly.

As we rounded a corner, I saw one put together and I said to hubby if that was under 100 bux I would buy it. He looked and the sale price was 99 bux. As we looked at the boxes underneath to see if we could get it in the car, hubby notes the boxes say 79 bux. Well even better.

We decided that the box would fit in the back seat so we bought it. The dresser rang up at 54 bux. Who am I to argue?

It fits nicely in her room and matches the rest of her furniture.

Hooray for bargain shopping.