Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend notes

Where did that childless/grandchildless weekend go?

Saturday was spent

a. A trip to Farmer's Market in Urbana. I bought a bib for baby Savannah and hubs bought a musk melon.
b. A jaunt to find Homer Lake. We found it and the sky opened up.
c. A long, lovely nap.

Sunday we headed out early to go fishing. This time hubby caught more fish than me and he was fishing with a "cane pole". He caught 2 really nice-sized catfish and a bunch of bluegill. I caught one nice-sized catfish (on his pole) and a couple of bluegill. Later in the day hubby informed me that the fish at Riverbend prefer being caught by a "Durango" pole. (sigh)

Deep cleaning daughter and granddaughter's room and bathroom.

So that is where it went. They will be home late tonight.