Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Ketchup

After a rough and rocky start to the weekend, it ended up turning out pretty nice. Everyone tried doubly hard to get along and be pleasant after the blowup on Friday night.

Saturday, I've blogged about.

Sunday, Daughter, Granddaughter and I got up in time to go to church at Faith United Methodist Church. I had attended some there before a little bit and even sung in the choir 3 or 4 times. Daughter liked it from the moment we walked in. The people were super friendly and she liked the way the nursery was handled (they gave her a beeper)

The music at the service was gorgeous. They have a top notch organist/pianist, Dr. Michael Hammer. There isn't a new batch of organist coming up through the ranks so it is delightful to hear a really good one. Charmian Bulley, the Chancel Choir director did a wonderful job of not only directing the choir but of selecting music for them.

Granddaughter was delighted with 2 small puppet numbers that were presented for the Children's Moment/Sermon. The first was based on Material Girl and was very cute. The send was based on The Walk of Life called The Bread of Life. She was a toe-tapping gal on both.

There are at least 2 couples attending there from my previous church. One couple I like quite a bit and the other contributed to making my life miserable at the other church. I guess I can just try to avoid them if we continue attending there. My other option is to be sickening sweet to them.

Later that afternoon the church put on a Backyard Barbecue complete with live music. The barbecue came from Hickory River and was just excellent. There were plenty of entertaining things for the little one to do including face painting. She stood still for a flower on each cheek down with washable markers. Although we didn't find the people as friendly as they had been that morning it was still allright. The granddaughter particularly liked the band and went up and stood smack in front of them, tapping her toe. (This is the beginning to her dancing, usually) One of the singers tried to get her to sing on microphone but she didn't.

The church has just finished a building campaign and seems to have plenty of family programming and things for the little one as she grows older. The pastor is amiable.

While I am not particularly religious, I do think of myself as spiritual. Church is not necessary to growing that part of me. Yet the relationship with people, the social aspects are nice. Laugh, if you want. You could meet people in a worse place. It will also help my kiddos get acclimated to the community.

The remaining parts of the weekend were spent watching the third season of Grey's Anatomy. Now what could be better than that.