Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Granddaughter was much paticipatory this morning.. clapping, bouncing, jumping up and down. One of the children's librarians helped us find "bear" books. She has been interested in bears this week after reading "Going on a Bear Hunt".

Our books this week:
No Bath Tonight Ziefert/Bolam
Snow Bears Waddell/Fox-Davies
Can't You Sleep, Little Bear Waddell/Firth
Leola and the Honeybears Rosales
Millions of Cats Gag
No More Diapers for Ducky Ford and Williams
Always and Forever Durant/Gliori
Big Band Sound Diller/Shine
Party Animals Davis
Where is Bear? Newman/Gorbachev

And if you will excuse me, we have books to read.


Always and Forever is about death. I of course did not know this until I was reading it and started balling. (I have unresolved mortality issues) It is a beautifully conceived, beautifully written & beautifully illustrated book. Don't avoid it just know as the adult who is going to be a blubbering idiot if you aren't prepared in advance.