Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's just plain fun

Nice day today. Well, it's raining off an on but we can get outside and enjoy a breeze. Munchkin and I spent some time working on her biking skills this morning. She really didn't want to come back in.

It's fun watching her intellectual development. Just in the last few days, it has changed from pimming to swimming and pips to chips.

You wonder what that thing is that clicks in their little minds that allows that to happen.

She doesn't like it now that she and her mother don't sleep together anymore. I know I heard my daughter tell her at least 10 times to get back in bed. The whole process only took about 10 minutes until she was asleep.

We still need to move some of the furniture in daughter's new space and it will be a comfortable place for her to be. Hubby got her computer hooked up last night, too, so she won't have to come to our room to check email, surf and play Euchre. I think everyone will be more comfortable when things are arranged so that we can have privacy when we want or need it.

Daughter's hubby is still at their house working on getting the house ready to sell. His dad is helping him. UNFORTUNATELY, his dad has champaign tastes and they have a beer budget. The latest is that he wants to replace the porch so it will look better. OY VEY. Throw some outdoor carpet on it, build the new steps, paint and you are done.

Daughter called the real estate agent and she is coming by on Monday to look at the house. She had the listing when they bought it and she was glad to hear about some of the improvements, like the totally redone kitchen. I suggested to daughter that she do that so SHE could tell hubby what REALLY needs to be done to sell the house. Like everywhere the housing market is depressed there and its gonna take some spruce and polishing to get it sold.