Monday, September 03, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

Already it has seemed like a long weekend and technically we are still IN that weekend.

Daughter, munchkin and I went to church yesterday for the first time in forever. It was nice to see familiar faces again. The sermon was good, the music was poor. Usually the music is good but not my cup of tea. Yesterday it was lousy and not my cup of tea.

My granddaughter who hasn't been to church that much had an interesting loud aside about 10 minutes into the service. "I don't like church". Sigh. She and her mother went forward for the children's moment and instead of sitting in the circle she stood in the middle of it for the entire time. (Very cute to her grandmother) She did enjoy going to the nursery for the rest of the service. They were impressed with her manners and her knowledge of colors.

After church we drove across the prairie to see munchkin's dad, get some work done, visit Baby Savannah and her parents, and bring munchkin's bed back. All of that was accomplished but we didn't get back until 10 p.m. last night. I was bushed.

Savannah is looking GREAT! Healthy and happy. Her paternal grandmother and father were there but they actually let me hold her or a bit. She seemed so tiny to me. They grilled hamburgers and we had a nice meal.

Dad has done little to NO work getting the house ready. I think he is overwhelmed. We talked about this last night on the way home. I suggested daughter sit down, make a prioritized list and give it to him. Maybe that will help.

ALso on the last night we saw an entry street to a new subdivision named Parsley. We were so tired, we work goofy and started making up street names for a Salad Bowl subdivision.

Lettuce Lane... Crouton Court...Avacado just got sillier and sillier..