Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, hubby and I went fishing.

But first I drove all the way down to WallyWorld to get a fishing license after trying in vane to get to the DNR site to get one online. Alas and alack, Wally's site was down. So,I drove home and tried with the puter again and VOILA we had us a fishing license. Got hubby one, too.

We drove over to RiverBend Park in Mahomet and dropped our line in. We only had one pole so we had to trade off. I caught four fish 3 bluegill (one that was keeper size) and a cute little catfish about 8 inches long.

Our intention was to stay an hour or so but we ended up staying until almost dark. We met some nice folks when they brought they boat back to shore who explained the history of the place to us.

I haven't fished really since I moved north. The water is not as pristine as it is in Arkansas so I wouldn't eat the fish anyway.

It is nice to get out and get away from the computer and the television. I enjoyed just sitting and not hearing electronic sounds or clicks or traffic. I saw some goldfinches and other birds. I didn't even think to drag the camera out.