Sunday, July 29, 2007

The closet didn't get cleaned out today but...

What an interesting day. We started out by going somewhere we've never been before and that would be Middle Fork River Forest Preserve. The fishing was icky but they have a nice campground and we saw some herons and a kingfisher. Overall, we were somewhat underwhelmed. Hubby did take this nice picture of the pond I was drowning worms in.

I thought this was funny:

From there we headed to Kickapoo State Park. I spent some time drowning worms.

On our way to the Homer Lake Forest Preserve we found one of the The Forgotten Lincoln Circuit Markers.

Interesting reading if you've never seen these before. It is the second one we've found.

We never quite made it to Homer Lake.

On the last leg of the trip we stopped to look at the tin cup. One of us should have stood by it so you could see how big it is. It's nearly as tall as I am. There is no explanation of what it is or why it is there, that we could see.

After resting for a bit I went back out fishing to Riverbend Nature Preserve where I kept being accosted by that damn snake while I was fishing. I couldn't believe how aggressive he was being.

I met this nice fella there. He was kinda tipsy, to say the least but having a good time. Well, you can't see him but you can see the fish he caught. He was definitely of the "good ol' boy" variety. I wish you could have been there for the explanation of what "stink bait" smells like.

I am tired. The closet will get cleaned out tomorrow. Maybe.