Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brother in law redux

My sis just called (yes we talk alot) and said that they had seen a cardiac surgeon today (Mind you I have NO idea why a cardiac surgeon rather than a pulmonary blah blah blah)


He told them....

-They were sent to him to see if he could surgically remove the cancer from the lung. No he cannot. Sister can't remember exactly why.

-The biopsy on his face was "large cell" rather than small cell which is evidently better.

-Monday they are doing the biopsy on his back growth to see if it is the same kind of cells that are on his face. Evidently to determine if it is one cancer that has spread of more than one kind of cancer. The growth on his back is part of the lung.

-Tuesday he sees the oncologist to start a treatment plan. This doctor said treatment should start right away and that radiation might be an option.

-He said that the original doctor (the ENT who is still managing all this) does not recommend removing the tumor on his face because there is a nerve running through and that side of his face will be paralyzed. He said to talk to the oncologist about options and that if it were him he might consider removing the tumor and living with a half smile rather than what he would have to go through to get rid of it in other ways. (It is nice to have options about something).

He gave them lots of hope and when he listened to the lungs he said they actually sounded pretty good.