Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dog Bites

At 1 a.m., my daughter called me to tell me that my granddaughter had been mildly injured by her brother-in-law's dog.

Granddaughter and her father were there for dinner. She evidently walked up behind him and startled him. He snapped at her face, and butted her with his head at the same time. She was left with a bloody nose and scratches.

My daughter cried and cried. It could have been so much worse.

The day before, granddaughter and I had walked down the street to visit the dogs. When I started to enter the yard, this dog took an aggressive stance and I was fearful of entering the yard. I finally got him to let me in the yard.

What makes this situation worse is that the this dog has snapped at a child before. I think he should be put down but that's just me, I guess. I really thought they should call the police, too but you know how family things go.