Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Fun

I am having a fun time today. I brought my granddaughter home with me yesterday. I was supposed to babysit yesterday afternoon and then come home. Someone else was supposed to babysit today but it wasn't going to work out. I hadn't brought my medications with me or the dog who needs ME to give her meds to her. So, I just packed a suitcase and brought the little muffin head home.

She had a difficult time getting herself to sleep last night but finally did about 11 which would have been 12 her time. I thought she might sleep late this morning but the phone rang ( hi sis).

Right now she is running back and forth between The Backyardigans and saying hi to me. BTW if you've never watched The Backyardigans or The Wonder Pets, you REALLY don't know what you are missing.

She is quite enchanted with her Grampu, I have to tell you. They played cars on the bed last night (among other things).

We'll take her home either tonight or tomorrow. I'm holding out for tomorrow cause I want to drop her off and drive 2 hours south and go to the boat.