Saturday, June 17, 2006


My two day visit to my daughter turned into almost a week.

Next time I'm bringing every pair of underwear that I own.

On Tuesday afternoon before daughter, Laynie and I were leaving to visit my new daughter-in-law, we noticed that what we thought was a mosquito bite on Laynie's leg, had turned into a big knot. We also noticed that two of her finger nails were discolored and her fingers were swollen and hot to the touch.

We called the pediatrician and got in right away. The Dr. said little about the bug bite. The fingers she looked at and said she had no idea but just in case she prescribed Augmentin 200. No return visit bye. No big deal.

My daughter hasn't been happy with her for some time. She's a very nice doctor but she never makes eye contact with the parents and gives little to no information. My daughter has left their twice, with an antibiotic script in hand and no diagnosis.

The next morning we wake up to REALLY swollen fingers, hot to the touch, with green and yellow gook under the finger nails.

We all talked and decided it was time to get a new doctor. One of her friends has been really happy with a couple that practice together---so after looking their credentials up we decided to give them a call.

The Female half of this duo saw Laynie right away. Asked a lot of questions about ways she might have gotten an infection. She talked about giving a different antibiotic and then about a hospitalization. I asked her what she would do if it was HER daughter. She said, she'd be in the hospital getting IV antibiotics and being observed.

So, that's what we did. They admitted Laynie right away (after calling the insurance company, of course).

Getting the IV in was a nightmare. It took 3 tries, with me and her dad holding her down. I was at her ear singing her favorite songs. During the last try she fell asleep exhausted. My heart was actually aching.

She was administered antibiotics every six hours. What they FAILED to tell us was that she could be disconnected from the damn machine in between times. We spent the evening and I spent the entire night untangling her and trying to keep her from pulling out the IV. At 5 in the morning the nurse informs me that she just read the orders and she can be disconnected and as soon as she wakes up they will disconnect her.

She wakes up and a nursing instructor tells me that she and a student will disconnect only they never do.

We are also soaking her hand in Hydrogen Peroxide solution 3 times a day. At 1 p.m. the 2nd day I ask the nurse who I already hate by this time, if we are still doing soaks. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that" and turns to Laynie's caregiver who happens to be an RN that works on the same floor and says "Don't you just love helpful patients", sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Two hours later, she comes in while we are changing a diaper, puts a container of fluid down and walks out. Doesn't say what
it is or boo.

Anyway, a hand specialist comes by and looks at it decides not to do the surgery to get a culture and a decision is made to treat her for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or "mersa".

Anyway we went home after she had 24 hours of IV antibiotic.

She never was ill or felt sick. I must say it is MUCH harder having a well child in the hospital (particularly tied to an IV).

I am toying with writing a letter to the administrator about the nurses. Two of them were truly excellent. But one was just AWFUL.

So that is how I spent my visit with my daughter.