Sunday, May 14, 2006

Slippery Slopes

Dateline: January 3, 2010

President Jeb Bush today announced the arrest of thousands of illegal Christians. This comes after last year's leak to the press that the NSA had required some 40 denominations to secretly supply current lists of members and attendees.

The predawn raids focused on Pastors and leaders in Southern Baptist Convention and The Church of the Living God affiliated churches who refused to denounce the separation of church and state last year as required by Executive Order.

President Bush defended his secret executive order after the leak by saying that securing of church rolls was necessary because "America is at war with religious extremists who seek to undermine the nation by having their own so-called higher laws".

Also today, in Federal Court in Maryland, the government sought permission to seize all the assets of both the denominations to defray the costs of the investigations and arrests.

Futher arrest of SBC and COTLG along with some other 30 denominations are expected over the coming months.