Friday, May 05, 2006

Hi there friends and neighbor people

I've been MIA, for a while it seems.

We got through Laynie's birthday and had a great time. I think 50-60 people ultimately showed up for the party, that was supposed to be a cookout (it rained of course). Laynie had a great time and loved opening the packages. She was not so enthralled with the cake. At other 1st birthday parties, I've seen kids plow into the cake. My theory is that she has not had sweets and had no idea what it was.

My daughter told me last week that when she was putting all the clothes up to wash there were 26 new outfits. ( I was right when I told her to hold off on buying summer clothes for the girl.)

I'll try to post some picutres of the party next week.

My son's fiance graduates tomorrow, magna cum laude. Congrats, Ashley!

The wedding is less than a month away. Laynie's flowergirl dress had to be remade but its done and ready to pick up.

My son-in-law had surgery yesterday on his tailbone. It was baseball sized. He said he feels much better today.

I'm going to my old church Sunday, to celebrate the retirement of one of the former pastors. He's been gone 10ish years and it will be good to see him.

Okay, I think that's the highlights.