Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5 .....4....3...2..

For me the countdown has started.

Last night I was so stressed, I sat down and cried. I don't have that much to do for the wedding but it seems like a lot to me.

The rehearsal dinner stuff is mostly done.

I still need to: buy napkins, figure out a dessert and get it, then set up, serve and clean up. My daughter is off Friday so that helps tremendously.

Then we will be having AT LEAST 14 people for lunch on Saturday. I had thought about just taking everyone to the local German restaurant. But alas and alack, it is not open in the afternoon.

So, I talked with my wonderful sis last night and we batted some ideas around. What we finally came up with was a cookout in my daughter's backyard. The neighbor has 2 tables and plenty of chairs we can borrow. If it's too hot for the older folks they can eat in the house. It will be relaxed and not that much work so that is what we decided. Hamburgers, hotdogs and brats, chips, potato salad (from Wal Mart) and pop.

Now, I'm not so stressed anymore. Well, yes I am but about other things.

I'm leaving to go to my daughter's house tonight and will stay through the wedding. I have a room at the Drury for Friday and Saturday night. I will need to have somewhere to go to get away. BUT we will be taking granddaughter swimming there!