Monday, January 30, 2006

Rough weekend

After one of the worst weekends I've had emotionally for a long time, I am still here. That's a good thing, I think.

I am going to have to make some changes in my life--make some hard decisions---reassess my priorities. It's hard to make some decisions because other people are involved. Yet, at this point in my life those others are all adults and I have to start making decisions based on what is best for me. Me not being happy, is no good for anyone else either.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing things the same way and expecting different results.

I was scheduled to go to my sisters at the end of February and dogsit while they go to Hawaii. Because of recent events in my life she let me off the hook. I feel bad, I should have never said I would. She handled it so nicely that it made me cry. She's a good sis.

Introspection pretty much sucks.